Flowers are the best thing for decorating a room or a house and the decoration turns out to be special especially for a festive purpose. The decoration of room can be done with different types of flowers with some flowers for glowing colour and thus making the room colorful and also by flowers that smell well and fill the room with fragrance.

There are different aspects of decorating the room with flowers, the first of them is to choose the right flower for the festival, the second one is to fix the location or the placement of the flowers and the third one is to make the flowers arrange properly for the proper location and for the proper kind of flower arrangement.

Diwali Decorations

Fixing the flowers

The flowers that best fits the festival is to be utilized and the choice must be made so that the flowers are glamorous as well as with good fragrance. Every season has some speciality of flowers and that speciality is also exposed by the nature and the time of the festival. The right kind of flower in the right season and with right fragrance makes the decoration with flower an ideal one.

Decoration has the ultimate objective to make the room look beautiful and glamorous. This main thing should not be forgotten at any moment. the next objective of decoration for a festival in specialty is to have a look at the decoration, so that it conveys the message of the festival accurately. If this two things are observed perfectly then the decoration is surely a fruitful one. If you would like to get more decoration ideas for Diwali visit HappyDiwaliBlog!

Choosing the location of the flowers

The flower is decided and next is the places where those flowers are to be installed. This is a vital decision as the entire decoration and the beauty of the house or the room can then only be displayed or focused. Before starting the entire thing, one thing is to be kept in mind and that is the culture and concepts. Diwali is a Hindu festival and the basic concept of the Hindus is to keep the mind open, to see the light outside and to make the mind ready for any changes that comes to life.

This very concept tells us that the window of the room and the house is to be decorated with flowers firstly. The door is the next area where the flowers are to be placed and there may be arrangement to keep a big pot in the middle of the large rooms, where the most beautiful flowers would be kept floating to make the room look glamorous on the festive eve.

Flower arrangement

Flowers can be arranged in different way, and for decoration of house or room for a festive reason the flowers are to be arranged in a proper way. The decoration includes the garlands with one type of flower or the garlands with multiple varieties of flower ad also the flowers that are not bonded in the form of garland.

The single variety flowers’ garland is to be placed at the windows and the doors, whereas the garlands with multiple varieties of flowers are to be placed inside the room. The loose flowers with multiple colours and beauty are to be placed in some pots or large watery space so that the entire room is filled up with glamour and fragrance of flowers.