When you go out to look for a SEO company, you will find that there are many types of the companies that say that they can help you to achieve to the SEO level you want. While learning about how to identify a good SEO service Chennai, you have also to know the signs that show that you are dealing with a bad SEO.

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Wrong techniques used by SEO Company

The company that focuses more on the Meta keywords: You may have found that some companies that think Meta tags are the only things you need for your website. The company that says that they will do many engine submissions of your website, you have to know that this is not going to help you to achieve anything. The best way to rank is to be found by the search engine by using quality links. You have to keep away from the company that suggests that you have to use 302 redirects. Some SEO in Chennai may suggest to the clients who want to move a domain to new one to use 302 redirects. There is no quick way that you can destroy the trust you have build for over a long period than doing this.

“The company that focuses on link swapping: this may be ok at a point but it may not be a fundamental building block for a long term strategy of building the domains”, says an SEO specialist in Los Angeles. The company that uses the same method of link building for all the customers: even it is may sound that the link building strategy has to be one for the customers, you need to have someone who is in charge of building the links according to the type of the business you have. Some businesses may benefit more from the links of social media but this should not be the only links that they should get.

Wrong techniques to use for your SEO needs

Some SEO firms also may recommend running the content on different domain. When a company is doing a site move, then the SEO firm may recommend keeping old domain running and they may create new domain while leaving both domains to run together for at least 6 months. This is not going to work. Keep away from the company that use hidden text also known like cloaking strategy. If it does feel like a trick, it is already a bad strategy.

Do not fall for the company that says that they understands Google algorithm. Some may know more about the algorithm than other people, but Google algorithm is large and there is none who knows everything about them in the intimate way. People who work with Google also do not share the information about the algorithm they use. You have also to keep away from the company that promises number one ranking or the people who do not want you to know what they do.