Month: September 2016

8 Most Used Chain Locks That Prevents Your Bike From Being Theft

If you ride an expensive road model or mountain bikes from top brands, which you’re unlikely to leave locked up while you visit a friend or stop at a café, an anchor could be a particularly good investment, although we know a lot of us prefer to keep the most precious bikes in the house.

Below are the top 8 chain locks that might safeguard your bikes from theft.

The Abus Granit Extreme Plus:

It is one of the toughest lock available in the market, with a 12 mm chain covered by a fabric sleeve that protects it from fragmenting the bike’s paint. And this chain is very hard to cut by the bolt cutters. It is made of special toughened steel and it contains a keyhole which can be operated manually and has a locking mechanism that is fully covered.

The Mighty Click Wearable:

It takes away the hectic of finding a good spot on your bike for travel, since you can just drape it around your tummy & go. It also has some reflective strip to make you more viewable during night rides. It also has some comfortable zipper pockets for something to put away and it fits the waist sizes from 26″ to 40″. It also features some durable brass padlock.

The Trimax THEX5060:

It features a toughened steel lock that is hard to be tamped. It can handle 6 tons of pull force & 11 tons of cutting force, so no one can break into this without drawing attention to themselves. It comes with one key with a mini flashlight. It is the hardest type of lock core to choose and it is about 5 feet in length to fit for several bicycles.

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit:

It prevents your bicycle in any proximity with higher safety disc-style cylinders. It is so weighty that some cyclist holds it as a self-defense in dangerous proximities. It also has 6-sided chain links with intimidating look.

The ONGUARD Mastiff:

It is a resemblance of traditional blend of best bike locks, but with complicated safety features, like a steel ball combo unit &square links. It is also long enough to wrap around the bike frame. It is very easy to fix the code using this kind of locks. It is made from titanium protected steel and the sleeve slips down over time.

The Oxford OF157:

It features a tough-duty chain & double locking padlock that can also serve as a disc lock for motorcycles. Plus it is the right size to fit under the seat of most bicycles, and weighs about 5.4 pounds. It comes with a feature that protects the keyhole from dust.

The Kent Heavy Duty:

It is made up of torus-shaped oblong links that have almost 0 space between them and make them difficult to fit a cutter through. The head twists freely to make it easier to drape around tricky spots. It includes keys that arenot too heavy and the locking mechanism is little clumsy and it can get trapped.

The Allnice Manganese:

It is a combo lock that needs both the passcode and a key. Its water-proof cover protects the links from rusting, & it is drill resistant. The actual lock is a bit heavy, and very hard to pack. It is ideal for quick stops & day-to-day use but with the fact that it can’t resist strong cutters.

How to transfer Fund using Mobile Number and MMID?

Nowadays all the public and private sector banks in india are constantly introducing new technologies in banking. ICICI bank is one of the popular private sector bank in India providing excellent banking service for their account holders.
How to transfer Fund using Mobile Number and MMID?

ICICI bank introduced many online facilities to make customer banking easy and secure. One of the best options is to transfer money using mobile number. For transferring money through online ICICI bank IFSC code is more important. Here is the step by step procedure to transfer money using mobile number.

Step 1: Login to ICICI bank internet banking account using username and password.
Step 2:Select Payment and transfer option
Step 3: Click Fund transfer through IMPS using MMID and Mobile number.
Step 4: Enter Payee MMID, Payee mobile number and transaction amount and click next
Step 5: You will receive OTP on your bank registered mobile number to complete the trasaction.
Step 6: Transaction completed and payment confirmation number will be display on the screen

What is MMID?
MIID is the Mobile Money Identifier is the 7 digit code provided by the bank to mobile banking registered customers. Every customer has unique MMID.

How to generate your MMID ?
ICICI Bank account holders can get MMID for mobile banking in two different ways: 1) Internet 2) SMS

1) Internet:

Step 1: Login to ICICI Bank using username and password
Step 2:Click on Generate / Retrieve MMID.
Step 3: Select the account which MMID is needed
Step 4: Click on Generate / Retrieve MMID.
2) SMS:
Step 1: Send sms MMID [space] last 4 digits of your bank account number to 9222208888
Step 2: You will receive a SMS with MMID

For all mode of money transfer ifsc code is important. All bank IFSC code are 11 character in length. IFSC is the alphanumeric code issued by RBI for all the branches of banks in India.