Android Rooting has been popular quite for some time now and apps market have been more booming than ever. Especially the ones that require root permissions. We have a look at the best-rated apps that work for rooting and/or post rooting.

Android Rooting Apps


This is not an app but most widely used in the toolbox of a rooter. You can do replacement of firmware, ROM installation, flossing memory, etc. with additional features like stripping down bloatware while whole lot of added functionalities.

It is a skeletal OS on android platform packed in with loads of desirable features. It offers sleek graphical interface that offers great customization. Integrated options like over clocking of the CPU, basically means you can get most out of your phone.


This app offers options to tweak in CPU in many myriad ways. You can get complete control over the CPU, making it one of the most powerful apps to be installed for android rooting. Efficiency and speed can be maximized in a jiffy. The app also regulates battery and CPU usage to maximize battery life. You can set up profiles for CPU for various use patterns and activate them in auto mode when required.

Root Explorer

File Systems are locked on stock android systems and this app is the answer to the file explorer on a root level. This app comes in handy when there is inaccessibility to the file systems to move and manage all sorts of files. You can also share files via Bluetooth and email via this app.

Titanium backup

This app is almost magical in the sense that when some data damage and loss happens to your android smartphones. You can easily cause the restoration of your data to a brand new device. You can create a backup of all app data on your phone via this app. The best thing about this app is that it not only restores the app itself, but also the data that is stored within by the apps.

It works best with the cloud computing services e.g. integrate this app to backup your data on Dropbox account timely and you’ll never have to worry about your phone data. It is one of the most essential apps after rooting as there shall be a lot of modifications and explorations of the root file systems right after you root.


As the name suggests, it helps users to get rid of ads on their phones. You will no longer have to face the clutter of unwanted ads that cram up your phone’s display.


It is a wonderful utility app to modify look and feel of the graphical user interface (GUI) of your phone device. So if you are bored with the look and feel of the small appearances like for e.g., say battery indicator, you can change the icon of that particular theme as per your liking color combinations and that too without any hassles. All these cause a stunning visual enhancement that is completely customizable.