Some hoverboards may explode while charging and few are for other reasons. However, the hoverboards may catch fire. Because of a popularity of this scooter, many duplicates is raised like the original one. But the quality of this scooter is not up to the original one so it may catch fire.

Some of the safety concerns are battery, charger, cabling, plug and switch on the board. From the manufacturer side, they are saying, the small or new companies are bought the cheap parts from market to sell at a low price because of competitors. The first safety measure or advice is buying the reputed brand from the reputed seller. And also check for the self balancing scooter review to know the brand and product details.

The following are the information you have to check before buying a hoverboard:

  • The hoverboard will catch fire because of a cheapest battery. So it is important to the buyer to inquire about the battery quality before paying money from their hands for hoverboard.
  • Check for the reviews of consumer with profile of reputed vendors to whom you want to buy.
  • You can also check with media to know who has reputed name in this field and also to check whether your distributor is reputed or not.

The following are the tips to follow to avoid catching fire.

  • Don’t charge your hoverboard overnight.
  • Don’t charge near to any flammable things.
  • Don’t uses a cheap charger to charge your device it may cause any damage.
  • Don’t modify battery for your hoverboard and never leave your hoverboard unattended while charging.
  • The fortech self balancing scooter battery is made up of lithium ion so it never catches a fire. So buy this hoverboard from the reputed buyer.