Business Registration And Creation: The Key Steps For A Perfect Start!

Starting a business is far from easy. What should be filled in as a document? Where to start? In which area should you settle? Important questions to be answered before even embarking on the adventure.

What Is Market Research Used For?

Before you even start creating a business, it is essential to carry out a market study related to the sector of activity in which you want to develop. As the main foundation of your business, you will need to analyze your objectives and know your competitors, your customers, and your potential point of sale. If you wish to be accompanied in this decisive step, the experts will be able to meet your expectations with efficiency and professionalism.

The Business Plan

With the foundations of your business creation solid, you will be able to move on to the business plan. This step consists in evaluating the cost of the development of your company, to evaluate your potential customers and your future turnover. If you need investors, this file will be required from financial partners or banks.

Find A Suitable Location For Your Activity

Once the finances have been released for your business creation, you will be able to obtain your premises. Once again, you will need to define your needs related to your sector of activity. For example, if you are a merchant, you will inevitably prefer a commercial area to an industrial area. With your market research in mind, you will be able to target your customers and thus define the ideal location.

Your Company Registration

Often overlooked when setting up a business, it is important to file and protect your business name. Otherwise, you risk someone filing your trademark before you. In addition, in the context of business creation, be aware that as long as your company is not registered in the trade and companies register, it will not exist.

The real proof of the existence of your company, the registration makes it possible to identify your company and to inform the public about its real activity. For commercial activity, it will be necessary to register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and for civil companies, registration will be done at the registry of the commercial court. Once all these steps are over, you will be able to fully start your business in the best conditions.

Do you have a validated business plan? That’s good, but it’s essential to move on to the most concrete stage of your project. This is mainly about registering your business. The registration of the company constitutes the essential phase that gives it real life, that is to say administrative. 

Indeed, after the stages of drafting the business plan, accomplishing the necessary acts with the financing structures, and conclusion of the contracts, you will have to compile the registration application file which will allow you to create a company with formal legal status. What is registration? What is it for and what are the steps to follow? This article focuses on everything you need to know.

What Is Company Registration?

Registration in the trade and companies register is the main act that gives administrative existence to the company. It is materialized by the allocation of the number and the delivery of the extract by the registry of the commercial court. 

In other words, the exercise of the obligations and the enjoyment of the rights of the company are conditioned by its registration. By registering, you can legally operate your business.

Registration in the Trade and Companies Register is recognized exclusively for the following companies:

  • Limited Liability Companies (SARL) and Single-Person Limited Liability Companies (EURL);
  • General partnership (SNC);
  • Simplified joint-stock company (SAS) and single-person simplified joint-stock company (SASU);
  • Public limited company (SA);
  • Civil society ;
  • The professional civil society of lawyers (SCP of lawyers);
  • Predominantly real estate company with variable capital;
  • Branch of a foreign company;
  • A non-profit association that issued bonds;

What Is The Registration Used For?

When you create a business, it must be registered with the Trade and Companies Register. Specifically, registration in the Trade and Companies Register is proof of the existence of your company or sole proprietorship.

The primary function of registration is to identify businesses and corporations and to inform the public of their existence. Registration can be done online or directly with the registry of the competent commercial court.

Good to know: a commercial agent who exercises alone as a natural person is not required to register with the trade and companies register. This must only be registered in the special register of commercial agents

The Steps To Follow For Registration

Registering your company assumes that the name or corporate name of the company is registered in the trade and companies register. Registration grants you an identification number, which directly confers legal personality status on your business.

The registration of the company is done according to the following steps:

  • The choice of legal form
  • The drafting of the statutes
  • Capital formation
  • Drawing up the list of deeds drawn up for the company
  • The publication of the legal notice

The legal announcement is an insertion in an authorized newspaper located in the department of the registered office of your company. 

Its publication constitutes a mandatory phase for the creation of companies. Many newspapers offer their services for the publication of legal announcements of business creation.

The legal notice must contain certain essential information under penalty of nullity. In addition, the price of a legal announcement varies according to the legal form of your company and the department of competence.

How To Be Profitable With Your Business?

More and more of you are considering starting your own business and even managing it from home if you don’t need to receive customers. 

The advantage is that if you are self-employed, you will not need to pay rent. However, you must create a business on the internet with a minimum investment to be able to start properly. 

This is one of the keys to being fully operational as soon as your company is launched.

Of course, it does not require that. You also need to have the skills to run your business online and get it out there. This therefore automatically involves SEO management, otherwise, your website will end up in the last pages of search engines. Knowing how to position yourself on keywords and writing for the web, cannot be invented. 

  • Your specific goals.
  • Your target audience, whether in terms of location, age group, or gender.
  • The list of what you need to start and continue the evolution of your business, whether from a financial, material, or human point of view.
  • Your business plan
  • The time you have available in front of you.
  • Aids and tools that will be useful to you. You may also find that you need to take training in particular to know how to use WordPress, and Google Analytics.

Starting From An Idea That Exists Abroad Or Outside Your Geographic Area Of Residence

A very good tip for having an excellent business idea is to draw inspiration from a concept that exists abroad, whether it works there or not.

This clarification is important because what should guide you in choosing your business idea is not whether or not the concept works abroad, but rather the viability and success where you live.

If you are inspired by a concept from abroad, try to check whether other promoters have tried the experience locally and what were the results.

Another important point that must be taken into account is that when you take inspiration from a concept from abroad, you must think about bringing your personal touch or adding value to it to allow it to adapt. to the realities of your geographical area or to distinguish yourself from local competition.

It will only be happy because you will have all the necessary perseverance and abnegation. Finally, as an enthusiast, you certainly have a lot of choice information on the activity you want to start.

As you can see, it still requires a certain amount of knowledge when launching your online business. If you do not want to see your personal and financial investments go up in smoke, it is better to be accompanied. This is the key to success.